Beijing inDEPTH Communications

Beijing inDEPTH Communications (www.qin180.com) is one of China's leading IMC (Integrated marketing communications) firms, specializing in the promotion and internationalization of top brands.

inDEPTH’s Integrated Solutions for International Branding assists public and private sector clients in creating and executing multi-platform marketing plans. Using digital technology and creative skills, the company offers brand positioning, creative direction, visual design, film and 3D production, exhibition and event management, as well as mobile internet and cloud computing database, for purposes in presentation, promotion, publicity, communication, marking, and entertainment. In order to reach designated and targeted audiences, inDEPTH utilizes all forms of media and communication channels, including digital marketing, social media, advertising and public relations.

inDEPTH’s intention is to simultaneously increase Chinese brand visibility globally and to create opportunity for Western brands in Mainland China. The former dedicates to charting international promotion for Chinese clientele's brands, including SINOPEC, China Unicom and Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group. A recent example of the later is inDEPTH’s work with Artimis Films, a New York-based film production company, to establish a branch in the National Technological Park.

inDEPTH’s "China Brand Lab" is a advanced digital creative and technology services platform based on cloud computing and big data, which dedicates to brand evaluation and integrated technology research and development. It has been instrumental in government projects such as the Zhongguangcun Science Park. Its partners have included Time Warner, CCTV, Sina Blog, Verizon FIOS and Apple Store.
inDEPTH’s chairwoman Dr. Qin Li is an internationally renowned television anchorwoman, producer and media scholar. Li won The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' College Award (Emmy) in 2000. Launched in 2007, Qin Li Online is a multi-media live broadcast from the World Financial Center in New York City, which has featured over 300 hours of weekly broadcasts, and has garnered an large, cross-Pacific following.